With The Tipsy Gypsies at the Siren:

Warning: I’m about to Put a Spell on You … so if you wake up tomorrow wanting to send me ten thousand baby pandas follow the ‘Contact Me’ link and we’ll work it out.

A fun moment with Brass Mash at Live Oak Music Festival:

Here’s what happens when I drink a lot of yerba mate. I’m not sponsored by Guayaki (yet) but definitely working on it.

When System of a Down meets Seal:

Do yourself a favor and press play to turn this awkward thumbnail sax face into a majestic saxual serenade.


Studio Work

Clarinet with DR. DOG on “The Breeze”, from the album Fate



Playing with Twice Cooked Jazz Trio during a festive brunch session:


Babies are crying and plates are plinking. It feels like you’re there and here at the same time. See? We can totally time travel.